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Covid-19 vaccination

updated 15.2.2021

Thanks to all of you (Click image or here for video)

Covid-19 vaccination

The first phase of the NHS Covid-19 vaccination programme has started. When it is the right time people will receive an invitation to come forward. 
For most people this will be a letter or SMS message either from their GP, or the national NHS.  This letter or Text will include all the information you will need to book appointments.

Please do not contact the NHS to get an appointment until you get this letter. Information on the vaccine is available on the NHS.UK website.

In the meantime please remember to continue to comply with the Covid-19 restrictions and practice the rules of Hands>Face>Space

At present all Covid Vaccinations are being delivered nationally from GP Hubs. and National Mass vaccination Centres. There is GP Hub vaccination centre for every 50-60,000 people.  The vaccination centre for our group of practices (Network4 PCN) is based in Downend, Bristol. Smaller individual surgeries cannot currently get stock or deliver vaccinations yet -but we hope that this will change as the vaccine availability improves, particularly the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

Most of the appointments we are offering will be taking place in Downend at this stage, and Three Shires staff are part of the team organising and administering vaccinations there. We appreciate that this may be a long way to travel for some patients particularly those in Marshfield and Colerne. We are extremely grateful to see so many volunteers from our practice from all of the 4 villages, helping out with marshalling the clinics car parks, and help with clinic organisation and soon vaccination.

The letter "when will I get my vaccine" below explains that you may be getting either a letter centrally from the NHS (which will offer vaccination at  a Mass Vaccination Site -Ashton Gate or now at Bath Racecourse and some selected Pharmacies) or an SMS or phone call from your practice (inviting you to Downend). You have a choice whether you chose a Mass Vacccination Site or a local one e.g. Downend - but only book one location. Once you have had your vaccination, your GP record gets updated either way.

Groups 1-4 are now vaccinated to a high level- >95%. If you are in these groups and feel that you have been missed, please contact your surgery.

We are now vaccinating Group 6 directly to arrange their vaccinations. Those in group 5  Group 5 (age 64-69) will get a national recall letter -i.e. will be vaccinated at a national site (Bath Racecourse / Ashton Gate)  We will move into other vaccination groups as the campaign progresses.

Group 6

Priority Group 6 is large and covers a wide age range, and many health conditions.  In BNSSG we are contacting people in Group 6 over the next few weeks in order of those at most risk of a more severe outcome from contracting Covid.  If you believe you are in Cohort 6, please do not contact the NHS - we will contact you. 

If you are a Carer - and are not known to the practice or wider system please read the letter Information for Carers requesting vaccination  here or -please contact  or  0117 965 2200 for South Gloucestershire to be registered. 

At this stage we are following a series of nationally defined criteria and that allows us to contact the people we want to come forward for vaccination. We are working tirelessly to vaccinate our patients as quickly as possible using every potential slot and every dose of vaccine as soon as we receive it.  Please be patient and kind to our staff; we will be in touch when it is your turn.

Dr Richard Greenway

Vaccine who gets it first  

When will I get my Vaccine

Information For Carers Requesting Vaccination

Flu Vaccinations - Nov 2020

Our 4 mass clinics have seen unprecedented demand with 2,500  appointments delivered within 4 weeks. Thanks so much to all our staff, and the PPG volunteers who made this happen so successfully.

We are due more vaccine deliveries towards the end of November for at-risk patients under 65, and we still have some stock of over 65 and Child Nasal Flu Vaccine.

We are offering smaller socially distanced clinics in our surgery sites for Flu Vaccinations for adults & children. We also still have stock of Shingles Vaccination for those age 71-80, and Pneumococcal Vaccination -mostly for those over 65. Hopefully all of these groups will have had letters from the Practice. 

Please contact your surgery reception to make appointments, or to be held on a waiting list for any out of stock vaccines.

Many thanks

Dr Richard Greenway 17.11.2020

Directions to Pucklechurch Surgery  

Flu Vaccination for Patients between 50 and 65 not in other at-risk groups

We have now had notification that we are allowed to vaccinate patients from 50-65 for Flu as from 1st December, regardless of underlying medical conditions.
We have a limited supply of suitable vaccine available -and have organised clinics in all of our surgery sites.

Quite a lot of our promised government stockpile vaccine supply won't arrive until as late as 18th December, which is not ideal. We have now made appointments for most patients on our waiting lists. If you would like Flu Vaccination, and are 50+, please contact your surgery reception. We will continue to offer this into January. We understand that a number of pharmacies are receiving vaccine too, and can administer you flu jab free of charge if you are in an eligible group.

Dr Richard Greenway 3.12.2020

Practice Operations- Coronavirus

We are committed at this time to continuing to keep our services running. Like other Primary Care services all requests for appointments will be triaged by phone, sms or video.  This is to protect you, vulnerable patients, our staff and to limit the spread of Coronavirus. 

  • Face Coverings -we are now asking all patients visiting the surgery to wear face coverings which can be home made. This is to protect NHS staff and other patients

  • We are dispensing medication as normal for our patients. We will give normal quantities of repeat medications, 1 month supply.

  • Wherever possible, order medication online. New users can now register using the NHS app without visiting us (see below)

  • People who are well, or their representatives can pick up medicines as normal from our receptions which remain open, except for cleaning see below.

  • Our front doors will be closed for cleaning from 1.00 to 1.30pm daily, and we reserve the right to do this at points throughout the day should the need arise, or footfall increase. Our phone lines remain open throughout as normal. (10.6.20)

Our PPG group have been working hard behind the scenes and have now put in place a volunteer group to help support those in need, this includes delivering medications which will be great asset to the practice and community.  If you do require help please contact your Surgery and the reception team can take your details and pass those on so that the support can be set up for you.


Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.


Mandy White

Practice Manager Latest update 29.8.2020

Daily updates on Coronavirus are available on the website HERE

Privacy Notice -Changes to uses of data and privacy due to Covid-19 situation 1.6.2020

Like all NHS organisations, we have had to make changes  (imposed nationally) to how your health data is handled This included emergency powers to use data (such as phone numbers, and existing health condition) for contacting patients, local planning and research.  Covid-19 Privacy Statement

the NHS App


If you are not already registered online with us, we are strongly recommending using the NHS App.
This checks your identity against government databases, and you can get online very quickly without coming to the surgery. 

HOW? From your smartphone, go onto the App Store or Google Play store -search for NHS app
or from a Web Browser go to

Ordering medication this way saves us time, improves accuracy and saves journeys and movement of people.
You can also use to get health advice.

If you are a dispensing patient, and get medicines from the surgery you do not need to / will not be able to register a nominated pharmacy (and it won't alter things if you do). If you normally pick medicines up from a Pharmacy - you can nominate it in the App.

Click HERE for info on NHS App

Please click on the Patient Access button below

Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Click on the "Have your say" section (top right) to get to PPG pages

If you are looking for information available to you as a Carer please visit the Carers Support Centre .

New to Practice - Carers Support Surgeries 

Neil McIntosh is a Senior Carers Support Officer at the Carers Support Centre and will be running a monthly Carers Surgery from March 2021.
A carer is someone who provides support to family or friends who could not manage without this help. This could be caring for a relative, partner or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems. All the care they give is unpaid. 
A carer could be a spouse, partner, parent, sibling, child, friend or any other relation. Anybody from any background and of any age can be a carer and each carer’s experience is unique to their own circumstances. 
This will give carers registered with the practice the opportunity to have some one-to-one support regarding their caring situation.
Due to Covid-19 all appointments will be carried out by phone. 
We can advise on welfare benefits and entitlements as well as helping cares to navigate the health and social care systems. As well as practical advice and information we can also provide emotional support and a listening ear for carers. 
We can assist carers to apply for the Carers Emergency Card, complete carers assessments and refer on for further support such as counselling, carers groups, training courses and workshops. For more information about the Carers Support Centre and our services visit: 
To book an appointment please contact your surgery directly. 

Social Prescribing Comes to Three Shires

To find out how the Social Prescribing Team can support you please read these information guides Information Sheet  Leaflet  

Green Social Prescribing in your area  - find out about the Health Benefits of Green & Blue Spaces

Really Well Being Guide 2020 - Boosting the immunity in our community - Dr B's one week challenge

Download this guide for tips and pointers to get through the lockdown whilst improving your mental and physical health from Dr Bhatia



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Improved Access 

We are working together with other local practices to offer more appointments in the early mornings, evenings or at weekends. Please contact your Surgery if you require more information.

Working within our current staffing capacity we are doing our best to ensure that you have access to additional appointments outside of core hours.  As a result you may be offered an early morning or evening appointment. If this is something you would prefer please ask about availability when booking an appointment.

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We are a group practice with four surgeries in the villages of Colerne, Marshfield, Pucklechurch and Wick. We serve a large area of around 100 square miles. Each of our surgeries has a full compliment of staff, with onsite dispensary.

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At some surgeries you may be asked if you can travel to one of our other surgeries for some services, due to space constraints.

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