Covid Vaccination

Covid-19 vaccination

updated 15.2.2021

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Covid-19 vaccination

The first phase of the NHS Covid-19 vaccination programme has started. When it is the right time people will receive an invitation to come forward. 
For most people this will be a letter or SMS message either from their GP, or the national NHS.  This letter or Text will include all the information you will need to book appointments.

Please do not contact the NHS to get an appointment until you get this letter. Information on the vaccine is available on the NHS.UK website.

In the meantime please remember to continue to comply with the Covid-19 restrictions and practice the rules of Hands>Face>Space

At present all Covid Vaccinations are being delivered nationally from GP Hubs. and National Mass vaccination Centres. There is GP Hub vaccination centre for every 50-60,000 people.  The vaccination centre for our group of practices (Network4 PCN) is based in Downend, Bristol. Smaller individual surgeries cannot currently get stock or deliver vaccinations yet -but we hope that this will change as the vaccine availability improves, particularly the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

Most of the appointments we are offering will be taking place in Downend at this stage, and Three Shires staff are part of the team organising and administering vaccinations there. We appreciate that this may be a long way to travel for some patients particularly those in Marshfield and Colerne. We are extremely grateful to see so many volunteers from our practice from all of the 4 villages, helping out with marshalling the clinics car parks, and help with clinic organisation and soon vaccination.

The letter "when will I get my vaccine" below explains that you may be getting either a letter centrally from the NHS (which will offer vaccination at  a Mass Vaccination Site -Ashton Gate or now at Bath Racecourse and some selected Pharmacies) or an SMS or phone call from your practice (inviting you to Downend). You have a choice whether you chose a Mass Vacccination Site or a local one e.g. Downend - but only book one location. Once you have had your vaccination, your GP record gets updated either way.

Groups 1-4 are now vaccinated to a high level- >95%. If you are in these groups and feel that you have been missed, please contact your surgery.

We are now vaccinating Group 6 directly to arrange their vaccinations. Those in group 5  Group 5 (age 64-69) will get a national recall letter -i.e. will be vaccinated at a national site (Bath Racecourse / Ashton Gate)  We will move into other vaccination groups as the campaign progresses.

Current Vaccination Groups

Group 6

Priority Group 6 is large and covers a wide age range, and many health conditions.  In BNSSG we are contacting people in Group 6 over the next few weeks in order of those at most risk of a more severe outcome from contracting Covid.  If you believe you are in Cohort 6, please do not contact the NHS - we will contact you

If you are a Carer - and are not known to the practice or wider system please read the letter Information for Carers requesting vaccination  here or -please contact  or  0117 965 2200 for South Gloucestershire to be registered. 

At this stage we are following a series of nationally defined criteria and that allows us to contact the people we want to come forward for vaccination. We are working tirelessly to vaccinate our patients as quickly as possible using every potential slot and every dose of vaccine as soon as we receive it.  Please be patient and kind to our staff; we will be in touch when it is your turn.

Dr Richard Greenway


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