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Update September 2021- further postponement of GDPDR

The proposed data upload in September 2021 has been further postponed, pending a further review. This is summarised here
This means that this is no need to register your Type 1 opt out if you object to your data being used, as this is no longer going ahead.

We have had a number of requests for Type 1 opt-out which have already been recorded on our IT system. However due to concerns, this system of opting in/out will likely be replaced in the future. We have left historic information below in italics from earlier in the year.

Dr Richard Greenway

"Withdrawal of Data Provision Notice

Further to the announcement made 8 June, the implementation of GP Data for Planning and Research has been deferred to provide more time to speak with patients, doctors, health charities and others.

The Data Provision Notice has, therefore, been withdrawn and no action is required by GP practices or GP system suppliers in response to it."

General Practice Data for Planning and Research Directions 2021

Directions have been given by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care requiring NHS Digital to establish and operate an information system for the collection and analysis of General Practice data for health and social care purposes in April 2021. This link explains the legal basis of this and what your information may be used for.

Practice Statement and View 8.6.2021

This is a complex area which is currently under national review, and may be causing some concern. As we understand it, a new data extraction system is to be put in place from July 2021 to replace GPES. This will gather pseudonymised data from GP practices, which will not include attached documents or free text narrative. This data will be used centrally for planning and research. Please read the links below which explain the processes in more detail, including addressing concerns about data will be used for and how it will be stored. This will apply to residents in England automatically unless they opt out. Opt outs do not apply when the data use is specifically for your care. For example if you attend a local Accident and Emergency Service, they will be able to access elements of your GP record in order to care for you, even if you have opted out.You may opt out from, or opt back into this process at any point.

GP records form a large part of the data held on patients by the NHS, but Hospitals and other organisations also hold data on patients. The national opt out system will allow your preferences to be shared between NHS digital and all NHS organisations,. This system seems to be the main way of restricting your data use moving forward. A type 1 opt out prevents identifiable information being uploaded by NHS Digital from a GP practice for purposes other than direct care (with exceptions). Patients may choose to have both national and type 1 opt outs in place.

Please read the links below, and click below if you want to register an opt out.

Dr Richard Greenway

Collecting GP Data - Advice for the public Frequently asked questions- how your data may be used from July 2021

Choose if your data is used for planning or research purposes

General Practice Data for Planning and Research Directions 2021 Privacy Notice

  • To register your national opt out please click here

  • To register a Type 1 Opt Out, (see links above) please complete this form and return to your surgery reception.

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